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90% of talent start their job search online, actively or passively. We helped our clients attract talent from 100 organic and premium talent traction channels that include job boards, social media and deeper niche skill networks. 



Siemens Healthineers

"I would highly recommend you explore implementing this innovative tool as a means to attract, pipeline and pool your contract talent. ...."  

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Attracted Temp Talent @10x
Built vetted private talent pool
Growing and vetting talent pool is a combined function in WillHire. Leveraged modern day self assessment technology to increase the strength of the talent pool which helped reduce time to hire by 10x.
Launched employee referrals
Leveraged employer brand 
Leveraged a talent referral program including contractors and employees as they are the best source to find the right fit. 29% of hires are made through referral networks. WillHire offered a modern day referral technology to put employees to work to find new talent and rewarded them with referral bonus. 
Job seekers consider employer brand as a significant indicator while accepting offers. WillHire allowed the employer brand to influence and engage talent better for their current and future talent needs. 
Faster curation of talent
The power of machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with modern day talent acquisition assessment tools were adopted in temp labor screening which accelerated the pace of hiring and upgraded temp labor screening to the next level. 
Increased Engagement
Frequent dropouts double the challenge of faster hiring. The client's workforce in private and public talent pool are engaged in an auto-pilot mode, which encouraged continuous participation through custom employee engagement programs.



WillHire is a product of Compunnel, a 25 year old talent management organization that helps 100+ Fortune companies in achieving contingent labor goals.

Optimize your contingent bill rates by 10%

WillHire helped Fortune 100 enterprises to launch direct sourcing with zero disruption to existing program.

Reduced contingent spend

Reduced time to hire

Improved contractor quality

Achieved diversity goals

Upgraded program maturity level

"As Siemens Healthineers continues to adjust to the widening gap in finding qualified talent, we have turned to WillHire as a means to recruit and retain a pool of talent to meet our growing contract staffing needs. Through collaboration, innovation and a drive to use some of the industry’s latest technological advances, Siemens and WillHire have been able to develop a unique self sourcing platform coupled with a best in class payroll service/EOR program to produce a steady pool of qualified talent that can be engaged by Siemens. The solution has enabled us to launch a robust employee referral program that has grown into a platform where we can self source contract talent exponentially across the industry. Through job board advertising, email marketing campaigns  and leveraging several online talent communities, we have seen solid success in attracting talent to the Siemens Healthineers brand. We continue to expand this self sourcing platform and expect to increase it’s use to grow our contract talent pools going forward. I would highly recommend you explore implementing this innovative tool as a means to attract, pipeline and pool your contract talent. It has been a game changer for the Siemens Healthineers contract labor program."