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Why Diversity Matters?




Higher revenue generated by companies with a diverse management team due to increase in innovation

Source: BCG Study

Better financial performance by companies that are ethnically-diverse

Source: McKinsey

Of workers in the US are contingent workers

Source: Intuit

"Ensuring diversity of the talent pipeline coming in off this recession, regardless of the avenue of entry, will be key in meeting company diversity goals"

Melissa Best, Global Head, Business Women's Network, SAP

"It doesn’t have to be a government reporting requirement to do the right thing. It’s just about doing the right thing"

Thom Qafzezi, President/CEO, Molto Crescendo, Inc. 

"We have to hold our contingent labor providers to the same ethical standards, to include ample and equal representation of all workers across all D&I categories."

Adam Moore, VP Senior Supplier Diversity, Manager, Truist

"The extended workforce is not an afterthought anymore; it’s a key part of many organizations’ talent strategies and that’s why I think we should be thinking about diversity as a total talent initiative."

Taylor Ramchandani, Product Manager, VectorVMS

"Diversity and inclusion is a critical driver of an organization’s success, but it takes time and commitment to establish a sustainable and meaningful D&I strategy. Leaders need to be equipped with resources to actively manage D&I strategies in real time and encourage their full-time and contingent workers alike to actively engage in the process of cultivating a more diverse and inclusive environment

Deborah Eckhoff, HR Leader, Fanatics 

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