Is talent curation part of your direct sourcing strategy?

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Direct sourcing is the best way to attract and engage highly qualified talent while reducing time to fill and saving money.  However, direct sourcing success requires talent curation.

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Thoughts from Industry Leaders

Ensure you have the right skilled talent available for positions as soon as you need them filled.

Engage with the most qualified candidates.

Keep candidates engaged and excited about a role, company, and culture.

In this Insights Playbook, “Talent Curation: Demystifying The Facts, Value, and Importance” we outline the evolution, importance, and value of talent curation and describe best practices to ensure talent curation is embedded within your direct sourcing strategy.

What is talent curation and why is it important?

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Talent curation must be strategic, systematic, and tailored by role, industry, and skill. More importantly, curation is imperative to: 

"Talent curation is the gatekeeper of quality at a hiring program. Not having it will cost a company lot more in the long run."
Staish Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Glider AI
"There is an art to talent curation. Anybody can put candidates into a pool and say they are curating, but the art is how organizations manage the candidate experience, select and engage with them, leverage brand and create the consumer grade experience needed for success. All of this needs to be powered by the right technology to drive efficiency and results. "
Mark Jones, Executive Vice Prseident, AMS