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The Future of Sourcing: 

Combining Direct Sourcing with

 Your VMS Strategy 

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Praneeth Patlola, CEO, WIllHire

Taylor Ramchandani, Product Manager,


With VectorVMS powered by WillHire, enterprises can leverage their brand to create private talent community and reduce the cost to hire by 20-25 percent.

About the Webinar

In this webinar, ‘The Future of Sourcing: Combining Direct Sourcing With Your VMS Strategy’, WillHire CEO, Praneeth Patlola, and VectorVMS Product Manager, Taylor Ramchandani, discuss: 

  • Market insights from the recent pandemic and changing talent landscape
  • Leveraging a VMS as a centralized sourcing channel
  • Whys and whats of direct sourcing
  • Launching direct sourcing with your VMS
  • The benefits of blended sourcing strategies