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Melissa Best

Global Head  

Business Women's Network


Kevin Poll

Head of Global Partnerships,

Diversity and Inclusion, 


Industry Experts

[Diversity Round Table] Total Talent Diversity: Expanding D&I Strategies to Your Contingent Workforce 



An average enterprise organization’s contingent workforce is over 40% of their total workforce. With this population being such a large and integral part of most organizations, then shouldn’t the diversity and inclusion of the contractors be as much of a priority as for full-time employees? Now is the time for contingent workforce leaders and HR executives to look beyond supplier diversity with a lens on total talent diversity. Any organization’s DE&I strategies are incomplete without focusing on the entire workforce. 

Join us as we gather industry thought leaders, DE&I experts, HR executives, and contingent workforce leaders to discuss and explore how to expand diversity strategies for the modern world of work. You’ll leave the session with ideas and insights on;  

- How to attract and connect with diverse talent 

- How to measure, monitor, and improve total talent diversity 

- Strategies to support women in the workforce and promotion of gender parity 

- How to leverage diversity to improve innovation and business results

Thom Qafzezi


Molto Crescendo, Inc.

Adam Moore

VP, Senior Supplier Diversity Manager 


Event concluded. Please watch the recording.


“We’ve got a diversity and inclusion program for our full-time employees. We partner with a diversity supplier for our contingent labor needs, so we’re covered,” the truth is, you’re just scratching the surface.

Deborah Eckhoff

HR Leader, Fanatics, Inc.